Our Services
Structural Assessment & Testing
TAMCO Services in Structural Assessment & Testing
  Structural and Building Evaluation

When condition of a structure is in question, TAMCO provides reliable answers, utilizing the technical expertise of our professional staff and the experience gained from hundreds of previous evaluations. Our services include but not limit following:

  • Structural condition assessment and load rating
  • Design of repairs/retrofits and other modifications
  • Load testing
  • Building/field monitoring
  • Structural component testing
  • Design review
  • Blast analysis and strengthening
  • Construction troubleshooting
  • Nondestructive evaluation
  • Forensic evaluation
  Failure Investigation and Disaster Response

TAMCO provide responsible, professional services in the aftermath of structural failures, fires, or natural disasters. Experienced TAMCO expert teams investigate for assessment of structural integrity, assist with stabilization efforts, and collect critical information necessary to understand the cause of failure, extent of damage, potential for repair and budget.

  • Structural collapse
  • Natural disaster such as flood, earthquake, etc.
  • Fire
  • Accident

Bridge Engineering
TAMCO experts have extensive experience in conducting field investigations of bridge deck and superstructure problems, as well as performing special inspections, evaluations of every bridge type and on-site diagnostic and monitoring services for highway bridges.

  • Visual inspections and load testing
  • Seismic evaluations and upgrade
  • Repair and retrofit
  • Corrosion protection studies
  • Durability studies
  • Maintenance outline studies
  • Structural evaluations and load rating
  • Condition surveys
  • Design review
  • Failure investigations

Litigation Support
TAMCO provide expert professional services in the resolution of construction claims disputes arising from construction deficiencies, design deficiencies, materials failures, water leakage, construction delay, and accidents.

  • Technical investigation
  • Expert testimony
  • Design and code review
  • Construction claims
  • Laboratory testing and analysis
  • 3D graphic representations
  • Models and renderings
  • Construction accident