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Repair & Maintenance
TAMCO Repair and Maintenance Services

Concrete repair and maintenance is a highly sophisticated service requiring specialized knowledge, engineering expertise and a diversity of experience. TAMCO meets all of these qualifications. TAMCO has wide experience of investigation, assessment, repair and maintenance of concrete structures. Based on condition investigations and structural assessments, and a review of client requirements such as service life expectancy or changes in operating circumstances, TAMCO can then identify options available for detailed evaluation. Our services include but not limit following:

  • Detailed design of repair, strengthening and protection schemes
  • Traditional concrete repairs
  • Repair using sprayed concrete
  • Plate bonding and fibre-wrapping strengthening schemes
  • Selection and specification of protective coatings
  • Chloride extraction of concrete structures
  • Re-alkalisation of concrete structures
  • Stray-current testing and assessment; interference testing; design of mitigation measures

  • Selection of concreting materials and specification of concrete mixes and repair materials based on build-ability and durability designs

  • Contract documentation, tender appraisal and contract administration

  • Supervision of repairs and maintenance